Challenge and Objective

An entire group must cross a “ravine,” carrying with them a container of “nitro” fluid. Group members

may not touch the ground or spill any of the nitro.

Variations for Accomplishing the Event

• Accomplish the task with nonverbal communication.

• Have the group return across the ravine.

• Split the group into two teams and have the teams cross the ravine in opposite directions.

• Impose a disability on any participant who lands in the ravine (use of only one arm, for example).

• Use a story line to create interest

· If needed, allow participants to take a practice swing on the rope to test their strength and get a feel for the swing.

· Retrieving the rope at the start of the activity may be included as part of the problem. Diving or jumping for the rope is generally not allowed.

· Instruct participants not to use excessive force to swing members across the no-touch area.


· There are many rule variations that can affect the level of challenge. For example, if a group member touches the ground; one person already across comes back. The group can decide who this is. Or if any group member touches the ground, everyone returns to the start.