challenge course - manual and elements


Get your copy of the manual HERE !!!!

Individual Element Descriptions

New ZIPLINE at tanner Camp - will be there all summer !!!!

Check this out

Creating Lasting Memories

Great Progress at Tanner Camp !!

Woodsheds - COMPLETE !!


Thanks to the Sherwood Park Stake.  The additional, larger woodsheds will ensure we have DRY firewood to meet the increased camp needs.  Oh ya ---  notice the new Tipi in the background

Tipi Town Outhouse - COMPLETE !!


More usage, means more facilities needed.  Thanks to the Millwoods Stake.

Fox Den Washroom Renovations - UPDATE

Washrooms are operational !!!  Have a look at the new facilities.  We would ask your assistance in limiting shower times to 5 minutes as well as towelling off while in the shower (keeping as much water in the shower and off the floor !!) - Thanks and enjoy

Camp Improvements

26 Foot Diameter - Tipi - COMPLETE


Fully winterized 26' Tipi - For your unique outdoor experience

Fox Den Renovations - COMPLETE !!


Flush toilets and showers added

Contact Us

Gary and Jean Petersen - Church Service Missionaries - Tanner Camp

Sara and Eldon Tanner Youth Camp

5007 Lakeshore Road, Parkland County, Alberta, Canada


Email Gary and Jean


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