spiders web

Challenge and Objective

Participants must pass all group members through the “spiderweb.”

Variations for Accomplishing the Event

• Disable some participants (use of only one arm, for example).

• Restrict some participants from talking.

• Attach a bell to the web; players must start over if the bell rings.

· Provide a rope that has to be woven through all of the holes without touching the web.

Safety Precautions to Consider

• Each person must land feetf irst.

• Participants must keep their heads higher than their feet and go through feet first.

• No one may be thrown through the web.

• Do not allow running or diving through the holes.

• Beware of kicking feet.

• When helping someone through, participants must avoid injury by keeping their backs

straight and lifting with the power of their legs. No one may step on the lower backs or heads

of teammates.