MOhawk Walk


Challenge and Objective

The Mohawk Walk is series of foot cables strung between poles, the object is to get the entire group from the first tree to the last without touching the ground, and without the aid of foreign objects (sticks, rope, etc.). The group must create a strategy, assign roles, work as a team, and assess progress throughout the entire activity.

· The facilitator and all those participants not yet on the cable, should act as spotters. Spotting is very essential on this element

· All individuals must have at least one foot in contact with the cable at all times.

· Participants should not lunge, leap, or jump toward the telephone pole.

· Large groups can be split into two teams that start at either end of the cables and pass each

other. There must be enough spotters to protect every participant on the cables.

· If participants are going to fall, they should not fight the falling tendency and should step down off the cable.

Sample Story line.

· Explain to the group that they have been wrongfully detained in a high security prison in a far off land.

· You've learned that the guard changes shift every night, and that for about 20 minutes, the walls at the top of the prison are unguarded. If the group is going to make a break for it, now is the time!

· Explain to the group that the walls are very high, and if anyone falls off, they are sure to be captured. Also, explain to the group that the entire team must make it across. If anyone from the team is caught before the group escapes, the guards will quickly turn on all of the lights, seal off the escape entrance, and then it's back to jail.

· To make the activity easier for younger or less able groups, you can secure a hand rope between the trees or poles.

· You could have the group carry an object, such as a bucket or stuffed animal, from start to finish.

· The group or parts of the group can join hands, forming a human chain, and attempt to walk from one end of the cable to the other.