Challenge and Objective

One at a time, all members of a group swing over a chasm and land in an unoccupied, designated zone

on the other side. If anyone misses a zone or lands in an occupied zone, the entire group must start over.

The group works as a team to complete this event.

Variations for Accomplishing the Event

· Use more hoops as landing zones than there are participants.

· Allow more than one participant to occupy the same zone.

· Have participants carry something across the chasm with them (a beach ball, for instance).

· Use a story line to create interest.

· Use platforms and have all team members occupy one platform.

· Prouty’s Landing and Disc Jockeys—these elements are essentially the same as the Multi-Swing except that, instead of landing in the safe area, participants land on a platform or a series of wooden or plastic discs, rope circles, or hula hoops. There are some unique considerations for these variations.

o Instruct swingers to position themselves on the board or discs so that the safety of all group members is considered.

o Attend to spotting on the landing area. 

o Ask group members to communicate their intentions when swinging towards the platform or discs and to plan together for the effect that a swinging body may have on a crowded landing area.