artesian beams


Challenge and Objective

Together, group members must traverse a trail of posts set at varying distances from one another, utilizing a supply of 4-by-4-inch beams to span the gaps between the posts. The group will discover that the beams will fit between the posts in only one sequence. 

The goal is for the group to move as a team so that everyone completes the event together.

Variations for Accomplishing the Event

• If a beam touches the ground, the group must start over.

• The group must carry all the beams with them from the beginning to the end of the challenge.

• Have group members refrain from verbal communication.

• Use a story line to create interest.

• Accomplish the task with nonverbal communication.

• Disable some or all participants. (For example ,let them use only one arm.)

• Vary rules about where a person may start again after falling from a beam: all the way back to

the beginning, back to a previous pole, or at the point of the fall or if contact is maintained with the beam.

• Make the challenge easier by allowing a certain number of touches to the ground without penalty